I am a amateur photographer who loves taking photos of almost anything….

My father inspired me to take up photography at a very early age and I have passed through many stages and ‘fads’ over the years …

I spent my childhood taking snaps ( mostly transparencies) of our family holidays, then moved onto Aeroplanes in my early 20’s. Architecture then became a favourite of mine, especially when digital photography took over and allowed instant deletion and retaking of that all-important building without someone stepping across the scene …

I love abstract photography – whether it involves nature, industrial or architectural themes – I am fascinated by the patterns, colours and shapes of things when they are isolated from the wider viewpoint. Homing in on these scenes creates something more akin to a painting than a photograph and I love the feeling of creativity that this type of image presents to me.

I have an interest in flora and fauna which is in its infancy in terms of my skill and experience . I really hope to develop this over the coming months and have some wonderful inspiration provided by a close photographer friend, Lisa Scott, who is also my mentor for all matters technical …

At the beginning of 2014 I finally achieved a long-term ambition of mine – to own a dog.  Rusty, the Fox-Red Labrador has been a source of great happiness to me and also a fantastic ‘model’. I have taken thousands of images of dogs, cats and chickens this year in my quest to become proficient in this field.  My dream is to become a professional Pet Photographer and I am in the process of setting up my website and portfolio of images with a view to starting my business in the Spring 2016.

I have always loved ‘landscape photography’ and this accounts for the majority of images that I take. My latest focus is on Coastal Photography, although I have to admit to always being partial to images of boats, fishing paraphernalia and rocks/pebbles/waves. I would rather consider my latest ‘fad’ to be a homecoming rather than a phase, as the coast really does represent the most varied choice of landscape opportunities of all the alternatives.

I really hope that you enjoy my blog posts as you join me on my photographic journey …

Amanda                                                           cropped-cropped-img_3310.jpg

Ionic column – British Museum, London.

Inspiration for my website name ….


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