Autumnal Images of Boxted

The weather in the village has been mild and bright over the past two days and I have been lucky enough to spend time with Rusty and friends ( and my trusty camera) wandering around the picturesque Boxted countryside. The Walnut Orchard looks majestic, as the trees bow their heads down the hillside and their leaves turn from yellow to pale gold .

From time to time a particular tree catches my eye – either because of the colour of its leaves, its berries or acorns, its contrast with the sky or the water of the lake … 

Sometimes the images look best as an ‘Autumn Collage’, as above – but others deserve to be featured individually. The Walnut Orchard is an example of this, because it needs to show off its location on the valley side in order to highlight its romantic beauty …




Individual trees seem to have their own characters …


Below the orchard at the bottom of the valley, the water of the stream leads into a large lake. It is privately owned and used for angling –  but still gives us great pleasure to watch local kingfishers and for Rusty to have a swim. At this time of year the colours of the trees are complemented by the grey blue water.


After we had climbed out of the valley and past St Peter’s church, we found a wonderful red maple next to a boundary of old wrought iron railings. We used them as a handy spot to secure the dogs whilst we snapped away !


I particularly liked the effect of the leaves on the grass …


In fact leaves complete my photoshoot images for this post – in the form of oaks and bracken – this time coppery hues dominate …


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