Dahlia Photoshoot

Tangerine Pom Pom-6

Autumn has arrived in splendour again;  bringing with it beautifully warm sunny days, happy holidays and Birthdays …

Always my favourite time of year – my senses are brought back to life by the golden light that bathes the landscape around me, the feel of a slight chill to the air at the end of the day, the air thick with the smell of onions harvested from local fields . I feel in rhythm with nature as opposed to the hustle and bustle of everyday life – and have a driving inspiration to photograph and capture as much of it as I can !

Autumn has also heralded the return of another ‘wonder’ close to my heart – the Dahlia …

I was determined to hunt around for a wonderful yellow and purple variety that I was lucky enough to photograph last year. I managed to find it at the same market trader in Colchester, who confirmed that it was from a local supplier. After a little research, I tracked down the Nursery – which is a family-run business specialising in Dahlias.

Lisa and I visited them this week and ordered a combination of orange & yellow blooms, with a view to completing a dahlia photoshoot – as well as filling our houses with these wonderful flowers.

At this stage, I do not have the individual names of the blooms – but hope to revisit Mr Bugg at St Leonard’s Nursery, Stanway, Colchester soon,  in order to catalogue my images correctly.

I was able to discover that my yellow and purple dahlia is called Sabrina – and have posted some photos as a separate entry.

I hope you like my images …

Yellow-Orange Cactus-3

Orange semi-cactus (1 of 1)


Tngerine Pom Pom-10

Orange-Yellow Waterlily-5

Dark Orange Pom Pom-8

Tangerine Pom Pom-7

Ruskin Tangerine

Yellow-Orange Cactus-4

Dark Orange Pom Pom-9

Orange semi-cactus (2 of 1)

Tngerine Pom Pom-11


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