The Mundon Trees

Today, I visited the ancient oaks of Mundon …

The day was hot; the sky clear and deep blue, as Lisa & I set off into the middle of nowhere in search of the weird trees of Mundon.
They have been dead for hundreds of years, said to be preserved in their current state by the salination of the ground that surrounds them. Their bare and twisted branches point menancingly towards the sky and their thick, textured trunks straddle the land as if they were some alien species petrified by a witch’s spell …

Mundon Tree 1 (1 of 1)

We approached along a footpath that led from the medieval church of St Mary’s, Mundon and walked freely in the field where the gnarly oaks kept watch over a landscape that had nothing else to offer. Dull, flat farmland surrounded us – no wildflowers grew amongst the trees …
I was hoping to practise some filtered images – but I soon grew tired of having to think hard – and was keen to roam amongst the trees to soak up the atmosphere. I discarded my tripod and proceeded to hand hold my shots – taken mostly with an aperture of f9. The sky and trees seem to contrast perfectly without the need for filters, with the autumn light being soft, yet intense enough to keep shutter speeds high.
No doubt, I could have taken more ‘arty images’; no doubt stormier conditions would have created a more sinister atmosphere – but this was the ‘here & now’, so these are my favourite photos of the day …

Mundon Tree 7 (7 of 1)

Mundon Tree 12 (12 of 1)

Mundon Tree 8 (8 of 1)

Mundon Tree 15 (15 of 1)

Mundon Tree 2 (2 of 1)

Mundon Tree 3 (3 of 1)

Mundon Tree 14 (14 of 1)

Mundon Tree 4 (4 of 1)


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