Alresford Creek – Golds & Silvers

My good friend Lisa has introduced me to yet another magical place near to our home village, where I can take Rusty Dog for a great walk and also enjoy some amazing scenery ….This place is called Alresford Creek, a tributary of the River Colne and it is a hidden gem. It is perfect for indulging in my much-loved coastal photography.

There are mudflats –  and abandoned boats in varying stages of decay, as well as a few modern vessels. It is very peaceful and serene, luckily without any facilities there to encourage the development of a state of the art marina. It has an old pier with the remains of pulleys which once winched gravels on board waiting vessels from the quarries nearby – so it has a real sense of a former importance that has long been forgotten. I am both amazed and extremely grateful that everything has just been left to decay gracefully,  visited only by the few who know and love it.  Not forgetting the Redshanks, Godwits and Curlews with their wistful and evocative calls …

We first walked up towards the church, on the opposite bank of the creek and away from the sun. We were presented some beautiful views and glorious golden hues from the autumn sun.



Abandoned Boat & Church



Tilts & Curves




Boat Whalebone




Golden mud …


Rusty was having a fantastic and rather madcap time whilst I was shooting, and he didn’t stay still for a second . Clover, on the other hand, did give me a quick pose …






We retraced our steps towards the sun and noticed how quickly the tide had receded, the water channel forming a thin ribbon between the mud banks with their myriad of smaller water channels. The mud appeared like a burnished silver when we looked towards the late afternoon sun – and it seemed as though gold and silver were competing for my attention.


silver mud...

silver mud and silk ribbon …



resting ...

time to rest …



silver and blue

silver and blue



golden hints

golden hints


Sometimes, the two colours seemed to mould together in the same shot …


sunset & reflections

sunset & reflections


I decided that one of my shots of the mud was so changed by the way that the low sun bounced off the surface that I decided to compare a colour shot with a black and white one. Different subject matter in each case but an interesting insight into the versatility of this location with such perfect lighting.


rotting timbers amongst the silver mud

rotting timbers amongst the silver mud


monochrome mud

monochrome mud


I thought it was perhaps by virtue of the time of day and the season – but a passing dog-walker explained to us that the light here is always producing amazing skies and reflections. Her personal favourite time here is the winter – with skies to gasp in wonder at and raucous rooks roosting in the trees on the opposite bank .


We moved quickly towards the setting sun to catch some last golden rays on the old pier structure.  For some unknown reason I love dilapidated wooden posts and beams and the sun played beautifully on the timbers and the moored boats …



Old and new








Golden vista



It was getting late and the dogs were tired  – apart from Rusty who was still plunging through the mud like a puppy !

We turned back towards the cars with a contentment and determination to visit again soon to enjoy those Winter skies . I could not resist one last very golden image before the sun said its farewells …


Golden masts in the sunset ...

Golden masts in the sunset …



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