My Indian Summer in Cornwall

-Over the gloriously sunny summer months in East Anglia and Dorset, I have developed a keen interest in coastal photography. Part of the reason stems from the wonderful coastline we have close at hand; but it is mostly due to a childlike love of the seaside – shells, rock pools, boats, happy memories of swimming and skipping through the shallows  – hand in hand with my mother singing an old song about a big ship “sailing on the alley alley oh”

I love pretty much anything you could think of that is connected with the coast. As well as the above, there are lighthouses, harbours, cliffs, groynes, seagulls, tacky shop fronts crammed tight with fishing nets, windmills, buckets & spades and postcard stands.  Amusements, funfairs, piers, lobster pots, rope, driftwood, sea glass, beach huts …

I decided that a great way to spend the last warm sunny days of the year was to travel down to Cornwall – a place that I have not seen for about 7 or 8 years . Memory served me that not only is it packed with all the above  – but has also a rugged, yet serene and timeless beauty,  that no other stretch of the UK coast can hope to match.

My following few posts will take you on a week’s journey, based around the Fal River and Lizard areas of South Cornwall – with a days deviation to the North coast. We stayed with Rusty the Dog in a cosy fisherman’s cottage with an amazing view over St Mawes harbour and the Fal River Estuary . The shot below will tell you all you need to know about how excited I was for the week of photography that lay ahead of me …



View from Camellia Cottage



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