Rusty on the Meadows.



I felt that it was time for a Rusty update…….. He has had a momentous couple of months, and has come out of it all splendidly – looking healthy, happy and extremely handsome – as you can see from the above image !

He has certainly become my beloved pet, and probably the most ‘snapped’ dog in the UK….

I thought I would tell you how he has settled into his new life, and show you a few photos from our trip to the ‘Sudbury Meadows’ – a fantastic expanse of countryside that lies right beside the old market town of Sudbury in Suffolk. It is a dog’s paradise; with grass galore –  and a wonderful stretch of river to play in…..



When I cast my mind back to those first few weeks when Rusty was very poorly,  it is extremely difficult to believe that he is the same dog that now bounds around in water chasing his beloved squeaky tennis ball.  The happy fact that I am a blogger and a photographer means that his true story has been recorded, and proof – if anyone needs it – exists.

This remarkable dog has gone from ignoring balls  to running tirelessly to and fro after them. He chew sticks – and tries that very ‘cute dog’ habit of picking up the biggest stick he can find and proudly trotting down the lane pretending he can manage to carry it, despite the fact that he is really dragging it and looking irresistibly ridiculous !

The ‘water’ transformation has been the most amazing one though….this dog avoided mud and puddles to the extremes that I had to coax him with treats to follow me, and he would only do so if he could find the tiniest slither of dry land for safe passage. Now take a look at him…..


As far as Rusty’s health is concerned, he has made a full recovery from the Mange parasite, and now boasts a wonderful fox-red coat and the silkiest soft ears. There are luckily no scars to tell tale of his illness, and his face is the most handsome Labrador face that I have ever seen ( but then I am biased !)

He has also had his ‘Big Op’ ( castration) and coped with it all in his trademark carefree style – in fact I’m convinced he doesn’t realise that anything has happened to him at all…… but at the end of the day I guess nothing would amount to the level of discomfort he endured when he skin was so sore and itchy.

The vet has helped me to get his weight up to the correct level, and he is looking fit, strong and in excellent shape. I am so determined that he will never become a ‘Labrador Barrel’, despite his enormous appetite for anything he can muster !


He has some very amusing traits to his character that I never expected -:

He spends a lot of his time grazing like a sheep…….he obviously loves it as part of his diet, and will chomp huge mouthfuls of it whenever we are out walking.

He can be extremely gormless when his ball is thrown for him….mainly I believe because he has been too busy eating grass to concentrate !



The above is a typical pose that we see from Rusty, closely followed by this one ……


The photo below shows one of his ‘goofy’ expressions, of which I am very fond…..



By far his most amusing trait is his clumsiness, which I cannot capture on the screen for you….I have never met such a clumsy dog, and cannot believe the silly things he manages to do – from the simple knack of being able to knock over, or stand in  his water bowl on a daily basis – to his greatest mishaps of falling off numerous footbridges into the streams below….. It is a combination of his exuberance, and lack of concentration on the task in hand that gets him into trouble. He fell off the same plank footbridge twice last week because he didn’t focus on the fact that he would have to fit his back legs on it as well as his front ones !!  We are left laughing heartily whilst he picks himself up, shakes himself down and dashes off again as if nothing untoward had happened – perhaps he’s hoping that no-one had noticed  ?!!

My dream to capture the happy, carefree images of other people’s pets too is gathering momentum.  I want to be able to produce photos which will show off the individual characteristics and traits that their owners love so much.  I am practising as often as I can – so will no doubt be back soon with more images of my wonderful Rusty Dog………


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