Rusty’s Birthday Trip to the Beach


It was Rusty’s 2nd Birthday yesterday, and he had never seen the sea – so we decided to take him to Walton on the Naze for a special treat……


At the Naze itself, situated away from the ‘seaside’ area of Walton, is a fantastic area of crumbling iron-stained cliffs – made up of sand deposits teeming with fossilised shells. Geologically it is known as Red Crag, and  was deposited 2.6 million years ago over an extensive bed of London Clay – dating from an amazing 50 million years ago !  Fossils abound in the London Clay too – and the Red Crag at the Naze is a designated SSSI due to the many amazing  fossil finds that have been made there since the 18th Century.

There were numerous amateur fossil hunters on the beach, searching along the shoreline, including an enthusiast who had been looking there for the past 6 years in search of  a particular pre-historic sharks tooth fossil. He was elated to have finally found it just 30 minutes earlier – it looked amazing…..

Rusty had a great time investigating everything and everybody. The area closest to the sea was exposed clay, so he kept on the sandy beach and near the foot of the cliffs. There has been a great deal of cliff erosion since our childhood visits there, and certain parts were crumbling as we walked along.


Once we had a clear expanse of sand ahead, we decided to throw the ball for Rusty – and the following are my favourite action shots of the day. It was great to have all the warm colours of the sand around him, and my 70 – 200 lens did a wonderful job of capturing him having a fabulous Birthday romp !

















After Charlie managed to throw one of Rusty’s tennis ball right up onto the cliff top….we decided to walk back along that way and find a sheltered sunny spot for our picnic lunch. We sat up on an old pillbox and ate our ham sandwiches with Rusty down below. He had his own chew to eat but was more interested in our ham……



We had a super time and Rusty loved every moment of his birthday treat…..He didn’t venture into the sea this time but we all loved it so much we will definitely be going back soon……






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