Clover, Merlin & Rusty in the Orchards

Yesterday, in the glorious Boxted sunshine, Rusty and I went for our long-awaited walk in the Orchards with my friend Lisa – and her dogs Clover and Merlin.  I was so excited about the prospect of Rusty being able to mix with other dogs properly, rather than just meeting one or two as we passed them by on our normal walks.

This was a perfect opportunity for him to really play and have fun, although of course I wasn’t sure whether the dogs would get on well together – I needn’t have worried…….


Clover is a Greyhound / Saluki cross who can run extremely fast, even though she is now an old lady…She was definitely  intent on having fun,  and started out by finding a muddy puddle to wade through giving her black thigh-high boots. Unfortunately she rolled about in the grass before I could capture a good picture of her new colour scheme !


Her next game was to tempt Rusty into chasing her,  just so that she could prove that she was by far the faster dog, and also the most agile. Both Greyhounds and Salukis were originally bred as desert dogs to chase and catch Gazelles – so there was no way my clumsy Rusty was going to get the better of her. He thoroughly enjoyed trying, although I am not so sure he liked the parts when Clover chased him.  It was fantastic to see him having such a great time – and it made me proud of how well Rusty has recovered and settled into his new life with me.

The shot below shows Clover teasing Rusty before she darts off on yet another run..




Merlin, by the way, was happy doing his own thing whilst the other two were showing off…..




He is a gorgeous, cuddly shaggy Lurcher with a gentle temperament. He did go off for a few runs on his own, but perhaps felt a bit like a  gooseberry ?!




I  was mainly interested in taking photos of Lisa’s dogs rather than Rusty – as I thought that it would be rather like a ‘Pet Photography’ assignment, but I thought that I should include a portrait of him for completeness.



The following image  is probably my favourite one of Clover from the shoot.  She has a very dominant character and loves to be the centre of attention. Her poses always seem to have a very graceful, almost regal look to them…




Lisa’s photographic aim of the day was to take a picture of each dog amongst the bluebells.  The fabulous shots of Rusty appear on her blog. The shadows cast by the trees gave us a few issues – so I ended up with only good shots of Clover and Merlin. My ones of Rusty were too dark.





It was a wonderful walk on several levels: the companionship of a good friend in beautiful surroundings, with 3 gorgeous dogs, a fun opportunity to practise my Pet Photography, but perhaps most of all – the opportunity to see Rusty living and breathing the type of  ‘Dog’s Life’ that he has always deserved ……..


ps    I follow Lisa’s blog because her photography always impresses and inspires me.  Take a look at “Quiet Dear, I’m Blooming Within” for some superb images of  flora and fauna……





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