Rusty – one month on…..


Rusty has been living with me for just over a month, and he is fast approaching his 2nd Birthday on the 19th April.
Time seems to have flown by since the day that I first introduced the poorly, wound-covered labrador into my home.

We have forged a friendship that is as precious as it is life-changing for both of us….Rusty now has a safe healthy environment, with an owner who thinks the world of him. I have a boisterous, happy dog – who is now in good health and is admired by everyone who meets him – both for his wonderful character and handsome appearance !

He has been given the all-clear by the vets and his fur is almost back to normal. He is enjoying the attention he gets from us all, and the wonderful walks that he is sharing with us. He loves playing with his tennis balls and chewing sticks – and helps me to bring his blanket to and from the car… In fact, it is difficult to believe that he is the same dog that I first showed you on my blog a few weeks ago. He has confidence and vitality and is learning to trust more each day. The vet is very pleased with his transformation, and his gradual weight gain has brought him up to the correct level for his age and size – no more ‘ribs’ on view !!

There is still much more work to do with regard to his obedience training – but his ingenious methods of finding extra food have convinced me that he has the necessary intelligence to achieve all that I ask of him !!

I am not quite sure which aspect of his lovely character I am fondest of…. The following gallery of pictures shows him in his quiet, lazy mode – when we are sitting in the sun together, feeling very relaxed and happy. I am so glad that I have been able to give him the chance to feel so safe and contented…….


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