Rusty and the Boxted Walnut Orchards……


Boxted Walnut Orchards is one of my favourite places on this huge planet…. It is as tranquil as it is stunningly beautiful. It is rural England at its very best – unspoilt, natural – and yet enjoyed by our small community as a place to meet up, relax, walk our dogs, and enjoy the wide variety of flora and fauna. Deer, a multitude of local birds, grass snakes and slow worms all live here – amongst the majestic Walnut trees, damsons and cobnuts. I first started to run around the orchards – but now visit them at a much slower pace, soaking up all there is to offer throughout the changing seasons. At the moment the damson blossom is in abundance – providing vistas suitable for a fairy queen’s wedding bower….

Rusty loves it here as well – as there is a wonderful area of open space for him to explore and run, without needing to be kept on a leash. He plays games with his tennis ball – running tirelessly to and fro. He follows trails of scents to his heart’s content, and chews sticks and empty walnut cases galore.

I took the opportunity this week to capture some action shots of him playing with his ball – by taking my 70-200 2.8 lens along with me, so that I could really practise my ‘pet photography’. Rusty was a fantastic model for me, and I captured some of my favourite shots so far.



I love the way the photos capture all his different expressions and leg positions – and I think that they really convey all the energy he puts into his playtime perfectly…..



The lens I used was the most expensive one from the kit I purchased – it is a phenomenal piece of kit, allowing for a super large aperture for such a big lens. This allowed me to capture the action shots at a fast enough shutter speed to freeze the action clearly – and yet create a lovely ‘bokeh’ surrounding Rusty.

I am looking forward to Rusty being able to mix with other dogs from this weekend onwards, as I am very keen to start practising my pet photography on my friends’ dogs in order to see how good I can get. If I want to forge a career in this area then I need to practise, practise, practise – and there is no better backdrop than the beautiful Boxted Walnut Orchards……





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