Rajang the Orangutan



mesmorised fans wathching the 'Ape in a bag'

mesmorized fans watching the ‘Ape in a bag’

..love Rajang's hands here - very human pose !

..love Rajang’s hands here – very human pose !

I liked the textures in monochrome....

I liked the textures in monochrome….

I spent a fabulous day at Colchester Zoo on Sunday ( My Valentines treat !)
I was in photography heaven, and ended up with 403 images…..!! I am going to do a zoo blog with my favourite shots – but just had to do a separate one about a very special Orangutan, Rajang -:

He is one of the zoo’s oldest residents, having moved there in 1980 from Chester Zoo where he was born in 1968 ( – that makes him only 6 years younger than me !!! )
He is a real character because of his inquisitive habits and love of people-watching – and is a favourite with visitors and zoo-keepers alike. A real comedian. On Sunday he was certainly recruiting a whole new crowd of ‘Ape-Watchers’ to his fan-base !

Rajang and his friend Tiga are housed in a HUGE area of the zoo, with an outdoor forest and extremely spacious indoor quarters. It was very cold on Sunday, so they were both indoors. Rajang was sitting as close to the glass as he could possibly be, nearest to the public, enveloped in one of those woven bags that you might have bulk quanties of garden bark mulch delivered in. Rajang was captivating us all and I am convinced he knew full well that he looked both hilarious and pitiable at the same time….the effect was further enhanced by his dead-pan expression – Orangutans cannot smile as they do not have the necessary facial muscles. There was a definitely a ‘Buster Keatonesque’ pathos about the scene.

What do you all think ?


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