Bailey, Malika and Naja

290A2081 (2)

This image would be in my Top 3 favourites of the day…..

290A2083 (2)

290A2085I have been busy reviewing my photographs from my weekend visit to Colchester Zoo – and was very pleased with my lion shots. There were a variety of vantage points to take the pictures from – and the EF 70-200 2.8 lens offered me the chance to get a closer to the animals. Bailey is the male – but I unfortunately don’t know whether the lioness is Malika or Naja.
The three of them came to Colchester in 2010 from Woburn Safari Park – as apparently they were all being slowly rejected from their pride, and they needed a new secure home.
I actually really enjoyed seeing them all, despite normally being more interested in the lesser-known mammals – possibly because it was easy to view them without a glass enclosure ( which certainly helped with the clarity of the photos !) I must say that Bailey looked more bedraggled than majestic – but luckily my shot of him on the blog is more flattering – and he comes across as fierce and powerful. Mind you – I think the lioness looks more scary baring her magnificent fangs for the camera. Perhaps Bailey was getting on her nerves ?!


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