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290A1904 (2)

290A1910 (2)


290A1915Feeling a bit stuck for things to do outdoors ( as the weather was still dull and very grey) I decided to take some still life shots of Liquorice Allsorts, of all things !
Inspired by the idea of the mixture of shapes and colours, I needed to get as many sweets in focus as possible – so I set the camera on its tripod with the cable release attached, and put the ISO up to 2000 to cope with the dark conditions inside. The aperture was set as small as possible and the resultant shutter speed was around 6 seconds.
I was disappointed with the images once transferred to my computer, although I got very excited about them at the time of taking – as they appeared to be very clear. Even with the apertures set in the 20’s – not much depth of field resulted. Back to the drawing board I think……
I moved on to take some shots of Hannah’s rings, and enjoyed the juxtaposition of the costume jewellery set against the quartz of the rock behind. These, I think, were much more successful – but I still have work to do – mostly on the lighting front. I really need to study a specialist book about macro tabletop photography – so have added one to my shopping list.

At least I have christened my cable release and tripod though…..!!!!


4 thoughts

  1. You’ve made me want to eat those pretty treats, so you did just fine. Love the colors!! But I so understand your frustration!! Macro is so challenging for me. I’ll be posting some fairly successful macro shots later this week … but I took sooooooo many to get a couple good ones.

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