Stoke by Nayland – Polstead Circular Walk


The 'shadow' tree with sky

The ‘shadow’ tree with sky


Tree & Sky

Tree & Sky

One of the original local signposts

One of the original local signposts

The 'swamps'

The ‘swamps’

Suki the Lurcher....

Suki the Lurcher….

The artist at work....

The artist at work….

Valentines Heart

Valentines Heart

At the weekend we embarked on a 12 mile walk from the beautiful village of Stoke by Nayland, with its historic houses and majestic church, to the picturesque village of Polstead – home to the story of the ‘Red Barn Murders’ – as well as a very welcoming pub ( The Cock ) for our lunchtime resting place….

I was the only one taking photos with an SLR – and found that I was jogging to catch up with ‘the Herd’ a fair proportion of the time! It was well worth it, however, as I got some extremely pleasing shots – using my 24-105mm lens on AP mode. My only mistake was to carry a spare battery that had been charged up a while ago – as it only lasted a few shots, and meant I had to take photos with my phone for the last leg of the route ( needless to say – it was a lesson that has been well & truly learned !!).

The walk was long and arduous, but a great opportunity for me as a photographer. I am of the opinion that a walk is more about what you see and who you meet along the way – than the walk itself. I was in my element – and in a world of my own for most of the time, but my enthusiasm kept me going up the hills and against the biting cold wind….

There were 3 things above all that enthralled me on my journey. The first was a young lady and her dog ( Suki the Lurcher ) who I stopped to chat to near the start of the walk. The lady was collecting various leaves from the side of a narrow lane and was arranging them on a heart – shape mound made of muddy earth in the middle of the lane. Her dog was enchanting, so I decided to ask her about him, which allowed me to find out what she was doing. Very romantically, she was making a leaf-covered heart to photograph for a Valentines card for her partner… It was such a creative ideawhich made me smile – so I asked her permission to take a photo of the heart, and the two of them as she formed her ‘work of art’. Shortly after the photos, Suki decided to tread all over the heart – so I left the artist remoulding her masterpiece !!

The second highlight was a tree on the edge of a ploughed field, that was casting its huge shadow onto the earth, stretching away from me as if it wwas laying flat but perfectly formed. I absolutely love the two shots of that tree – but I cannot decide which one I prefer – the one that shows the skyline – or the one where the tree fills the frame ?I would be interested to know what others think ?!

The third and final thing that made me smile from ear to ear was a group of horses that we passed in a small hamlet called Thorrington Street. I have entered them on a separate blog that follows this one – in honour of all my ‘horse-mad’ friends – but please take a look – as I am so happy with them…..


3 thoughts

  1. I entered the word Trees into my Reader and after scrolling through a few posts, saw the shadow of that TREE! Oh my I would have been in heaven photographing that!!! I think I like the second one better (if I had to choose) because I like the contrast of the grey/blue sky, the green tree line, and golden field and the dark shadow. Nicely done!! I also love the photo that follows it of the silhouettes of the two trees against the clouds with they field in front.

    • Thanks for answering my question LB !
      I think you are right about the better shot – as it puts the tree into context within its surroundings…..I couldn’t believe it when I saw how amazing it was ! I was getting a long way behind the other walkers but I just had to stop to take some photos – I am pleased that you liked my attempts ( I am just starting out on my journey with my SLR !) Have had a quick look at your blog and it looks great – I will be going back to look more – I LOVE TREES !!!

      • Me too!!
        I want to learn more about your work with the SLR. I graduated from the simple point and shoot to a “super zoom” just this past May … but I can already feel my desire for an SLR growing. Look forward to more pictures from you!

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