Horses at Thorington Street




290A1558 (2)





290A1548 (2)

290A1547 (2)This is a short blog about the horses I mentioned in my last post…..They were photographed on the same walk – but I love the images so much that I wanted to post them separately.
Thorington Street is a small hamlet, between Higham and Stoke by Nayland in Suffolk – and very near to my home village of Boxted, just over the county border in Essex. It is well known for Roger Clark; a breeder of Suffolk Punches, who has used them as working horses on his farm for over 40 years, and who has helped to keep these beautiful and gentle creatures as a permanent part of our heritage.
The village sign shows a Punch as the prominent symbol, and I was lucky enough to meet one of these lovely horses on my walk. He was one of the most handsome and majestic horses that I have ever seen. His mane was long and flaxen, with many burrs and tangles. Quite a contrast from those perfectly braided manes and tails I have seen at the Suffolk Show each year ! His tail was very long and his coat muddy – but the colours were beautiful. He was living in his field with a coloured cob, who was most definitely ‘in charge’, and a very muddy near-black gelding who stayed away from the gate. The Punch was very friendly, coming to see us for plently of head stroking – but rather shattered his appearance of being ‘handsome, wild and rugged’ when he bared his teeth comically to gobble up some ivy leaves near the gate…..
“Well who cares about image when you’re hungry ?!”


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