Suffolk Snow Scenes – Part two


290A1309 (2)






My next trip out in the snow was to a village called Cavendish between Long Melford and Clare in Suffolk. It is a chocolate box of a village, set around a village green and full of pretty cottages and grand houses. My visit was inspired by a pretty cottage along Peacocks Road, away from the village centre, which was up for sale…. The road beyond the cottage became narrow and snow-covered once the last house was passed, and I could not resist risking the icy patches to explore the countryside and photograph the amazing views…..
Once again, I was impressed with the long shadows, the beautiful scalloped cloud formations, and the purity the snow gave to everything it covered. The 24-105mm lens, set at its widest angle was perfect for the afternoon’s photo shoot – and I felt like I had found an untouched and secret corner of Suffolk. I’m sure the wide sweep of fields always looks impressive, but there was a touch of magic today !


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