Suffolk Snow Scenes – Part One

When it snows in Suffolk (usually around the latter part of January or beginning of February )  it causes havoc on our country roads, making it very difficult to get out into the wilds of the countryside to admire the beautiful scenery all clothed in its glistening white blanket…… By the time the roads are clear again, the snow tends to have disappeared altogether – so the opportunity has passed by for another year !

As luck would have it, the snow stayed around for ages last month, keeping itself remarkably clean and pristine due to a run of very cold temperatures, and I was able to spend a couple of my free days roaming about with my 5D, getting very excited about all the photo opportunities. My first photo shoot was at Newton Green, a picturesque village on my route between Boxted and Sudbury – a journey that I make numerous times per week. I always admire the historic houses that look out onto the ‘Green’ and its golf course – but am reminded that the road is a busy one, and that I probably would not want to live there.

On this particular day, however, I believe that I saw the village at its most beautiful……The ‘Green’ was under a powdery white duvet that sparkled in the late afternoon sun shining from a vivid blue sky.  Cotton wool clouds were strewn across the sky to the North, and the snow- laden trees cast long shadows towards me as my footsteps crunched one by one into the deep snow. The road and village itself were very quiet, as if the snow was muffling out all unwelcome noise.

I spent a wonderful hour roaming about in the snow, experimenting with my 24-105mm lens and monopod – until my hands were too cold to adjust the camera anymore. I loved the wild expanse of  the ‘Green’, without its normal procession of golfers, and really enjoyed experimenting with small apertures to achieve the starburst effects with the sun ( I had read Jeff Cables blog and discovered how to do this –  having previously thought that shots into the sun were to be avoided !).

Here are my favourite shots of the day……








2 thoughts

  1. Hi Amanda,
    I wonder whether I could use one of these photographs of Newton in the snow, on the front cover of the village newsletter, which is distributed free throughout the village please?

    • Thank you Sue for asking. Which one did you wish to use ? I would love to help – but would like to provide you with the proper print-ready file for using in your magazine. This is easy to arrange. Please contact me on my email -: and I will be able to sort out for you. The web version will not do justice to my photo if it is used.
      Kind regards

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