Abstracts in Nature

My interest for abstract shots stems from my love of Architectural & Industrial detail – the images are therefore inspired by man-made creations. The subject matter is static, and I can zoom in to create the effect that I want.  Initially, my Landscape and Nature photography consisted of the ‘obvious’ shots – flowers, trees, picturesque scenes – all taken in a very standard way.

As my photography has evolved over the past year I have developed  a new way of looking at the landscapes around me – focusing on patterns, colours, light conditions and texture – rather than just the scene itself. The shots I have selected are ‘work in progress’ – as I feel that I still have a lot to learn about composition. My most recent shots of the waves in Dorset are my favourite – and I hope that they are a sign that my eye for a good image is improving.

This type of photography  is certainly more of a challenge; as often what the eye sees cannot be recreated in a photograph because of the scale and the angle of view involved. These obstacles make a successful shot all the more rewarding ……


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