My World in Photographs

This blog is a marvellous opportunity for me to publish my photographs in a professional format, and to establish myself as a serious photographer. I have loved photography since an early age – when my parents bought me a very basic Prinz camera (Dixons own brand !) that just focused on ‘infinity’. I still have those first very blurred attempts from a schooltrip to London  – it’s a good job that I persevered..  My father- Peter Dennis – encouraged me to continue, and we spent many a happy family holiday taking colour transparencies together – him with his 36 exposures – and me with my 24 !

To be honest the make of my next camera escapes me, but it was far more sophisticated than the first – and the slides were more successful…. I always felt transparencies had more depth than prints – and I loved our slideshows – but it was only when my parents bought me a Pracktica SLR for my 18th birthday that I really had the equipment to take serious shots. From there, I moved to a Chinon ( Dixons again, but well thought of ) with a super light 60-210 lens. I still have that camera – and plan to re-visit using ‘film’ format at some point – but my Ixus 117HS is what I currently use; and wish to master before I  buy a digital SLR.

In early 2013 I plan to purchase a Canon 5D Mk 111 – and will once again have the power to control depth of field and telephoto shots to my satisfaction – but in the meantime I am going to continue to love taking my photos and share them on this blog….


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